There are a lot of blogs on the Internet, most of them with very few visitors, this blog only gets a few organic visitors per month, and this type of articles are read by handful persons. Today I stumbled upon Your Blog is Your Avatar post. And the author is right, when you write publicly, you are exposing you to the public.

Writing for nobody, writing for everybody

As I said, very few people read this blog, and that is the same with almost any blog out there, unless you are a famous person, you will get very few visits on your posts, but as soon as someone looks for you on Google for example, they will get your blog, and everything you have written will appear in front of their eyes. So, you may think you are writing for nobody or almost nobody, but anybody can access your posts, you are writing for everybody

Be responsible with your blog

Now that we know that your blog is your avatar, you need to think how you want to be seen, and just as the author says, you need to write in the same way you act in your real life, the tone you put you in your writings will be perceived as the tone you usually use in person to person relationships.

So, just like Om Malik wrote, you need to Write like a human, just like the human you are, do not try to reflect other personality, as it will be noted.

Some more advice

  1. Write freely
  2. Reflect your real personality
  3. Write about things you are passionate about
  4. Be authentic

If you do that way, you will not have to worry about anything you may have written, as that’s the way you are, and the way you think.

Write like a human, because your blog is your avatar