Today I do not have any interesting idea to write about, I am not planning, I am just writing.

This month I have written a lot less than the months before, 30 posts in May, 22 on June, and counting this one only 10 posts in July.

That was mostly because I have worked Dockerizing Everything, trying to create an AMP version of this site, and Installing email server. I have also tried to merge this site and My Linux Blog.

Well, I have not carried out the merge, mainly because it is not a good idea. That blog is actually a collection of how-tos and should remain like that, I will keep adding content every time I learn something new I would like to remember later. And this is my blog, where I can freely write about anything.

I have not accomplished the task of creating an AMP version, well I actually did, I just did not put it online, I see no reason to do it, and it is staying as a side branch in my Git repository (I keep this blog as a Git repository). This site is fast enough, and it is mobile responsive, so, there is no reason to make it more complex.

I have moved almost all services to Docker and moved all of them from an Ubuntu server to an Arch Linux server. Yes, I like Arch Linux a lot, and I understand the risks in having a server running a rolling release Linux distribution. But all my services are up and running with no problem at this time.

I have also completed the installation of my email server, of course on Docker, and it is running with no problem at all. It may not be the perfect setup, but I prefer it that way for a time. Basically, I have just set up an SMTP server that sends my email, and receives it, and forwards it to a Gmail address. At the same time, Gmail is configured to send email through that SMTP and use my own email address under my domain as the default address.

I have also started running again by this time I have managed to run 30 km in twelve days, is the best month in my life, but it is a good new start after being three months in a chair, just commuting from my bet to my desk two times a day.

This month I have also started to attend two days per week to my office, we are taking turns to assist to the office, it is not that we really need to go, but some people need to see us there from time to time, and it is not bad at all.

Well, I think I managed to write a little today, and comply with my 100 days to Offload challenge.