15 years

On May 1809, Bolivia was the first nation where an uprising upset against Spain occurred, from that point onward, in 1810, Argentina follow our steps, and proclaim its independance, it was not all that simple for us.

We had the Cerro Rico” and the spanish were going to battle for it, so for a long time we were battling agains spanish. Every one of our neighbors turned out to be free before us, and both Peru and Argentina wanted our territory as part of their nations.

195 years

On August 6, 1825, in the now city of Sucre (Bolivia’s capital) Marshal Sucre called bolivians to choose if they would became part of Perú, or Argentina, or if, they like to turned into another free republic. It is been a long time from that point forward, and there have been good and bad times.

1 Hard year

The most recent year have an exceptionally troublesome one.

In August a year ago we had the greatest wild backwoods fire in our history.

In October our leader commited fraud to win elections, and we remained out in the streets for a month to compel his leave

We are presently confronting Coronavirus just like the rest of the world, however similarly as we get up over and over, we will win this time as well.

Happy Independence Day Bolivia, a hard year is behind, and better days are coming