I was already able to make webmentions work on this site, but with the structure change or maybe because I have installed Pagespeed module, or because I have removed JQuery (I put it again later), but something messed the webmentions up.

Webmentions are not working on this site. now that I unintentionally deactivate webmentions and after two hours working I was not able to put them back to work. I am thinking if the really add value to the blog.

In order to know about webmentions to my site I have to be monitoring all my posts all time, or at least I do not know how to get alerted when one post gets menthioned, so you can at least reply.

They of course add value for the readers, when they came to my site and read a post, they can go to the replying site and read the reply, which will of course add value for this reader.

Being my site a static site it will not alert me about webmentions, I still believe static sites are way better than WordPress, but because of this issue and because I do not know JavaScript, I see the benefit of having a dynamic site. Kev wrote Why I don’t use a Static Site Generator and I really think he is wrong, but just today I would love to be able to just install a plugin and make webmentions work.

Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow I will try again.