I have changed this blog permalink structure

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As I have already said I started blogging about Linux under the go2linux.org domain, later in order to be able to have my personal blog I got garron.me domain, and started that site as Wordpress, but few days later I switched to Jekyll, I realized that it was better and easier to maintain a static blog than a Drupal one, so I moved my posts from go2linux.org to garron.me and created sections:

And some others, so instead of having a personal blog, I ended up with a personal section, actually with two blogs on one (more on that later)

I realized that it was not a good idea to post personal posts on a niche blog, and even though I have done, it was in a small quantity. Because of the 100DaysToOffLoad I have started a new blog this time a personal one, I did not want to pollute my Linux Blog, and though it was better to start fresh.

The other site, yes, site, because it is not a blog anymore, it actually has two blogs, one in English and one in Spanish, thanks to Middleman blog module, you can have multiple blogs in a site, each with its own theme, syndicator and even structure, yes Middleman is not a static blog generator, it is a site generator.

I started this blog as a fork of the garron.me, with an English and Spanish blog, but I've decided that I better have this as a single blog, then today I have changed the permalink structure, and moved the spanish posts (only two) to their own domain, I may write from time to time there.

Thanks to static sites generators, that was actually an easy task, I just have to add some 301 redirections in htaccess file and that is it.

How the links have changed?

There no /en/ /es/ directories, and /blog/ has moved /posts/ because the domain is already .blog it did not make sense to have blog in the slug again.

As a side effect, if there is anybody subscribed to my rss feed, you will see all posts as new again, sorry for that, I will try not to do this things again.