I started with Mastodon on May 3, so it is now a month on it I am following 34 people and 34 others are following me, I have 273 toots, but stats aside what I like the most is that I have connected with more people here in one month that on Twitter since 2008.

I do not remember where I read that Twitter is something like a big city, a really big one, while Mastodon is like a lot a small villages where you happen to meet every neighbour. Even though I have my own Mastodon instance the village where I am is FOSSTodon the interesting people I have met in this month is also from this same circle, some have their own instances but we all happen to spend our time around FOSSTodon.

I am happy I have stumble upon Kev’s blog after some years of not being in the webspace, I read about Mastodon at his blog, and joined, thanks to that fortunate circumstance I have a new blog, I am writing again almost daily, reading some interesting people’s blogs, but as I said interacting with them and having fun.

I will continue learning about the Fediverse.