I am really new to mastodon, I have just knew about it, reading Kev’s blog I was presented with it. I really liked the idea behind this project, and created an account in Fosstodon server runned by kev and Mike.

I like the idea of having small places where you interact with only the people with common interests, but still be able to read what everybody else may write on the Fediverse.

I really like to play” with new things, I think that is what we all do, and yesterday night I decided to install my own instance, one just for me for the moment, just to have my own place from where to interact with the nice people of FossTodon.

So this was my steps:

Et voila, I have my own Maston instance, you can follow me there

Why I did it?

It is just because I like hosting servers, experimenting and learning things, I really do not need it, as Fosstodon works great.

Installing this server made me make other changes to how I was hosting my apps, but I will come back with that tomorrow.