Yesterday I posted about installing my own mastodon instance, to do it I’ve got to get a new Linode server and installed Mastodon on it.

I also had another Linode, one managed by, on that server I had my two blogs, one old blog that is just parked as a static site (downloaded from Drupal with wget), and a WordPress blog that my daughter use.

As I wanted to use just one server for everything, I deleted my account on Runcloud, and deleted my second Linode server, before that I moved all my websites to the same server where My Mastodon instance is hosted. I inmediately noticed that the 1 Gig of RAM Linode was small for this, so I upgraded to the 2 Gigs, considering that this Mastodon instance is only for me, it is doing well on this server size.

Talking about managaged VPS, for the last months I have been testing and Runcloud. I really liked them, because it resembles me Webfaction, a great Platform as a service, (now dead), but with ServerPilot and Runcloud it is on your own server, the problem is that they only let you deploy PHP applications, so, Discourse or Mastodon can not be installed.

This way I end up running on a Linode server with Ubuntu 18.04.

Does any one know about something like ServerPilot but more flexible?, let me know via Mastodon