What I like about this #100DaysToOffload challenge is the interaction we all have in Mastodon reading each others posts, so today I have read two good posts about Dad’s lessons, that made me remember some things from my childhood.

My dad is a very patient man, I don’t remember him yelling, not even once, with that patience and all the love he has for me and my brother he guided us in our journey to maturity.

I use to say him he was more a mother than a father, because he did things like going every night to our room just to be sure we were warm.

Lessons learned

They say that the best way to teach is with actions, I remember one day having breakfast with my dad in a market, this homeless boy came in, and the waitress inmediately tried to take him out, my dad went directly to them and order a breakfast for the kid, this way they could not take him out and he had a good breakfast. That taught me how to help others, and how important that is.

He always wake us early in the morning in order to be at school long before the ringing bell, he said that arriving at the exact time to a meeting was already late. I am not always on time to meetings, but I really try hard to do it, because that is the way I was raised.

I have seen him going to work even with fever, and never asked for a day off, he used to say that responsibility should be taken seriously, and that one man’s word is the most important thing. To me my word is sacred, I have never promiss something that I am not sure I will be able to accomplish.

He studied business at the university, but that was not what he liked to do, so he finally worked all his life as an electric technician, and he loved his job, now a days at his 70s, he still work part time in charge of a Hotel’s maintenance, including its gas generator, because he love what he does. So, just like Kev’s dad, he’s idea of job is not really an obligation, it is something he loves.

I am really fortunate that I can still call him on the phone everyday and talk to him.