Today on Hacker News this post made its way to the top of first page.

The author complains about how in the early days of the internet, we had more people writing and reading blogs, but now, because of Google, Facebook, Twitter and more recently, Instagram, Tik-Tok and others we have less people blogging, and it is harder to find those blogs of people who still blogs.

I really think that there are more blogs than before, as there is more people on the Internet now than before, of course there is more people posting on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube than blogging, maybe because it is easier to post 140 characters, or upload a funny picture. It also seems that people think that a blog post should be taking more seriously than uploading a funny meme to social networks, and it is easier for non savvy people to use Instagram than opening a blog.

I have noticed that young people spent most of their time consuming media on Facebook or YouTube than elsewhere in the Internet, so much that, even some companies communicates with their users through their Facebook’s fan page than through their websites.

All of the above makes newcomers to go directly to social networks and not to independent blogs. We also have to consider that as the author says, it is hard to find blogs, and if you write almost nobody reads your blog, while on Instagram you can get hundreds of followers.

That is not going to change, that is what big companies are looking for, that is what they are pushing for. The Internet has changed.

But, there is hope for those looking to read and be read, Google is not the answer, small circles like some subreddits, like Mastodon instances, like 100DaysToOffload is where you can find blogs, and subscribe to them using the old rss.

We also have webmentions, so, if bloggers start using it, it will help us find other’s blogs.

For those who want something to read we have this collection. Thanks to Basil and Kev