We all know what happened in China in December 2019, this is going to be a major event in human history, there will be a before and an after to this situation.

There are a lot of countries, mainly in Europe and North América where working from home is already an standard, specially for some kind of jobs, but since the appearance of SARS-CoV-2 a lot of other jobs, in a lot of countries will be forced to adapt to this new situation.

I will talk about what may happen in my country Bolivia, we are not used to remote work in this country, normally people go to their office 8 in the mornign, until 12, then there is a two hours break and from 14 to 18 everybody is in the office again, even for jobs that can be perfectly done from home, like coding.

I think is the culture, company owners think that if they do not see what people are doing, then, they are not going to work, and they will cheat, there is no culture of goal-oriented, and there is still the culture of working your eight hours, and then go home.

That will have to change, and pretty fast, as for companies now, it is risky to have all people in the office, where they can get sick and then nobody will produce. Also for employees, there will have to be and change in the way they see their jobs, they will have to switch from hour-oriented to goal-oriented.

Another big change will be the way bolivians access Internet which is mainly by cell phones, few homes out of the total has Internet, that will have to change too, as for telework you need a fixed connection to the Internet.

The government has already mandated telework for all eligible employees, this is good for traffic, for pollution, unfortunatelly we had to have this crisis in order to regulate telework in Bolivia.

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