Three days ago, my friend Kev Quirk wrote about why he has a blog, the main reason for him is:

My blog is a place where I can share my own thoughts, feelings and experiences in a space where I have total control over the message and its content.

And he ask us to tell why we blog (or not).

Well, I will start telling you why did I started blogging, It was because of my love to Linux, I used to spent hours on newsletters, learning and teaching (more learning than teaching), and some night I realiced it would be better to start writting down all things I learn and make it public.

Since then I started to enjoy the interaction I had with people from all over the world, and decided to keep up blogging, I really enjoy writting and, also enjoy modifying the blog, where it is hosted and… you get the idea.

Just like you Kev, I really enjoy have a place (my place) to write my ideas, and share with others what I may think other could find interesting.