Webmentions or Mastodon as comments

This whole thing of Fediverse hooked me up, and now I have to learn more about it, it is not enough to run my own Mastodon instance, I want to improve my blog to be also integrated

I’m just thinking about which way I am going to take, am I going to implement webmentions in my blog or Mastodon as comments?

Yes, I am sure that the best answer is both, but considering that there is not enough time, I would like to start with only one of them.

I have been reading basil’s post, and looking at these possible solution for my static blog.

For the Mastodon comments in the blog, I only have this post.

This weekend I will manage to have one of them working in this blog.

I think comments are more useful, but I have read more about webmentions, hard choise.