Yesterday I got this idea about having central place on the Internet, something like the HUB of my domains, and I have bought yet another domain.

I have decided to set just a static page based on HTML and CSS, that is the obvious way to set a page that is not going to change, it is going to be a one-page-site, with some info about me, and a link to my other sites.

But why to do the obvious thing right?, If there is a chance to learn something new, to let curiosity fly, then that should be done.

So I decided to test PicoCMS. They announce themselves as A stupidly simple & blazing fast, flat file CMS, I was also looking at Grav and HTMLy, and finally decided to give PicoCMS a try.

I run into some problems at first, because I tried to install it on a Nginx server and for some reason it did not work out of the box, I tried a couple of things, and then I moved it to Apache, I had some Apache modules missing, the mod_proxy_fcgi for example, but after those were installed I was able to use PicoCMS.

(If you are wondering, I have Nginx running on port 443 and 80, and Apache on 8080 and PHP-FPM listening on socket).

I really like the concept of PicoCMS, it is really easy to use, you just write text files in the /content/ folder, and that is a new page that goes automatically into the menu, there are some nice Themes here, I got one for my one-page-site, and created the site.

I have PicoCMS in my local PC, with git, then I push to my self-hosted git-server, and pull it from the webserver, then the site is live. I can run a cronjob to pull from the git server once per hour, but that is not needed as I am not going to change that site.

I like the idea of having my website on my local computer, and a backup on my git server, so, it does not matter what my happen to the server, no worries about databases, I really do not like the idea of having sites with databases when there is no need to do it. The process of posting may be a little bit more difficult, but you can migrate your site to a new server in minutes, or restore a copy in the same time frame.

Now, if you are wondering what is the site I have made with PicoCMS is the HUB of Guillermo Garron in the Internet.