I enjoy Self Hosting my apps, and I know that a lot of the people who read what I read (I know you are not a big group), also like to self-host, that is because we like what we learn when self-hosting and not because it is easier

The problem is when something goes wrong, today I had a problem with my mastodon instance, Hyde pointed it out today.

Mastodon ProblemMastodon Problem

I would have like to solve it, find where the problem was and solve it, but having a full-time job that is not an easy task, so I ended up reinstalling the whole server and moving my Mastodon to the new server, this guide helped a lot.

Even though there will be more problems I have decided to continue self-hosting. But this time I will keep three different servers, so in case something goes terrible wrong I wont have all services down. I will keep:

So I will have three servers:

  • One for Mastodon
  • One for the blogs and MiniFlux
  • One for my Git Server

Having your own Git server is just for security. But I may but it together with the static blogs, and Miniflux and the WP on another VPS

Just like Basil said, I will be having fun, and some problems from time to time.