Privacy concerns

Three days ago Jan Lukas Else wrote a post about privacy privacy, where he state that his girlfriend and him was talking about privacy and the way she thinks privacy is not important as long as you are not famous or has nothing to hide.

I think that may be true in a world where everybody has good intentions, but we are not living in a perfect world, and we also learned these days that our life can change really fast and without warning.

If your data is spreaded at Google, Apple, Facebook, Endomondo and who know who else can you rest assured that the info they have about you will never be in the wrong hands (considering you think they are good hands), what happens if somehow a dictator becomes president, what if the wrong guys hack the server where your data is stored.

Our parents told us not to talk to strangers, and these days we are not only talking to them, we are telling them all about us, our phone number, our address, where we go on vacations and when, what we eat and how many hours we sleep. Those strangers might be good people, but is our data safe?

Privacy is important, and it is important because:

You are a master of the words you don’t say and a slave to the ones you do