Some days ago I have wrote about having your passwords on Google, and Kev told be he was using Bitwarden so I decided to give it a try, the best way to go with it is by hosting your own server, but it seems that store at Bitwarden’s cloud is secure as your vault is encrypted, and as long as your vault’s password is a strong one.

Your passwords are just like keys, would you keep your house, office and car keys on someone you do not trust?

The answer is no, and almost no one trust Google, but we use all their services, just because they are free (as in beer), and easy to use.

Now, if you have decided to switch from Google password manager, to another service (I recommend Bitwarden), here are the steps to migrate.

Export your passwords

To export your passwords from Google visit this link, you may see something like this.

Click the export button, and your passwords will be saved in a CSV file, keep that file secure.

Move to Bitwarden

If you prefer, you may run your own server here are the instructions, otherwise register and download the clients.

Be sure to create a really strong password for your vault, and keep that password only in your head.

Once you are logged in, import your password.

Do not forget to delete your passwords from Google, and you are now ready.