In most countries the mother’s day is celebrated in May, it is usually one specific Sunday of May but here in Bolivia thigs go in a different way.

In Bolivia, mother’s day in celebrated at a specific date, not a specific day, the date is May 27, but why in that specific date?.

In 1809 in the city of Sucre the now Bolivia’s capital, the fight for the independence of Hispanic America began, and the independence war started all over South America. Fast forward to 1812, in the city of Cochabamba, General Goyeneche entered in the city of Cochabamba in his trip to Argentina where he was going to fight the revels.

At that time all men from Cochabamba were fighting guerrillas, so the spanish soldiers thought they were not going to find resistance in the city. They were wrong, women decided to defend their homes from looting, organized in a small hill named Coronilla de San Sebastian” they waited for the Spanish army, armed with stones and sticks, of course they suffered a tremendous defeat. That day was May 27 of 1812.

In honor of those courageous Bolivian women, mothers day is celebrated in our country on May 27.