Years ago I used to self-host TinyTinyRss, then some months later I started a new job, so I had very little time to read or anything, so I dithed all my servers and only kept my blog online but mostly not updated until few months ago.

I am now trying to be more active, and also take part of the IndieWeb so I started this blog, I installed my self-hosted Mastodon Instance and today I have installed Miniflux and started adding some rss to it.

I have started with these blogs:

Which I enjoy reading, will be adding more later

How Miniflux is?

It was not easy to install, as I am just starting with PostgreSQL and had some problems installing it. I will write a guide about how to install it after taking some notes for my self reference and for anyone else.

Once installed it is very easy to use, it does not have too many options, and is better that way, you just add the feeds, and can create categories and add the feeds to one of those categories created.

miniflux screenshotminiflux screenshot

I like the clean view, and of course I am enjoying my reading, my fellow bloggers give me fresh content every day