Why Change

I have stopped writing to my blog because I run into a big issue. My company forbidden me to install any kind of software in my Laptop, and that off course include Linux on it. I started blogging again when the pandemic started mainly because 100 Days to Offload project of my friend Kev Quirk.

I started this new blog and because my main site Garron.me was mainly dedicated to Linux and started this to share anything not too related to Linux, but I kept my way of blogging, I use a Static site generator and it is Middleman.

It was the work from home era and I had my personal computer all time with me so I was able to install Ubuntu inside Windows and then install Ruby and Middleman, everything worked fine until I needed to go back to office and pass my personal computer to my son (I do not like having two computers).

So after some two years of not blogging I wanted to start again, and once again I looked what Kev was doing, and I found this post Moving from Jekyll to Blot, so I decided to try it too.

The process was easy, I already had the posts in Markdown, there was just two minor issues.

Permalink Structure

I decided to use categories instead of tagging, and this blog has two of them.

  • Posts
  • Notes

So, I had two folders one for each category, to achieve that in Middleman I just needed to have two physically two folders with the posts and that was it.

To keep the site structure I had to add something like this to each post frontmatter. (link: /posts/middleman-to-blot.html)


With Middleman I have all images in a folder called /images/ and all of them are linked from there to my posts, this is for any post that have images on it.

Blot converts all images into posts, so I had to rename /images/ folder to /_images/ and change all links to images in all posts that uses them, not too complicated as there are few posts on this blog and not all of them has images.


I am still learning but I am happy with the switch, I am using the default template, but I like the old template of the blog so I will adapt it from Middleman to Blot once I can learn how it works.

For now, I think I am back to blogging. My old site will be kept on Middleman and I will be adding Linux how-tos from time to time just to keep it as a Database for anyone who needs it.