In almost all countries in Latin America, we have empanadas, they are made out of cheese, meat or chicken, of course there are a lot of other variations, but here in the south of south America these are the most common ones.

The best for me is the Tucumuna, it is from Tucuman Argentina, and it is basically meat and onion.

The very basic ingredients are:

  • Meat in small pieces (really small ones)
  • Onion (Shreded, and a lot of)
  • Paprika

That is for the filling.

  • Wheat flour
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Butter

For the dough

You have to put the onion in oil, until transparent, set aside. Then put the meat to a pan and cook it, mix the onion when the meat is done and the paprika.

For the dough, mix all ingredients, and knead it, then form the small balls and with them small disks, put the filling (should be cold) inside the clouse the dough.

Finally you should fry it, and here is the result.