Today was a holiday in Bolivia, it is the Aymara’s new year, because our last president was backed by aymara people he modified the constitution of the country and other laws in order to insert a lot of symbols belonging to them.

That would have been great if the purpose would have been that, to insert their symbols, and their believes in our lives, specially considering that 60% of people in Bolivia identify themselves as native americans.

But the real goal was mainly political, just like Chavez in Venezuela. But anyway, I prefer to stay away from politics, but the thing is that today was a free day, a free day in which I tried to make some changes to the blog and server.


Disabling CDN

I am thinking about getting rid of Google Analytics on my other site, and I am hesitant about implementing my own analytics server, like Matomo or Plausible, because that would be another service to updated and maintain.

So, I am thinking about using GoAccess, therefore I need to have the logs, and because my site was being served by BunnyCDN the server logs were not complete.

So I configured Nginx on my server and started serving my sites directly from there, I now have the logs and will be able to analyze them with GoAccess. I have configured Nginx to only log the webpages and not CSS, JS, PNG and other files like those. Because I only want to know which pages on the other site are the most visited to focus on them and keep them updated.

Random Posts

I have also added three random links to some other posts at the end of each post, I think that may help visitors to keep reading If they are in the mood, it was not easy, mainly because I am not good at Ruby, well I am not a programmer, so I had to read a lot in order to realize how to do it. I am using this code to do it.

<%= random1=blog.articles.sample
random3=blog.articles.sample %></p>

  <li><a href="<%= random1.url %>"><%= random1.title %></a></li>
  <li><a href="<%= random2.url %>"><%= random2.title %></a></li>
  <li><a href="<%= random3.url %>"><%= random3.title %></a></li>

It assigns three random posts to variables, and then list them at the end of each post, this of course will be static and will only change every time I re-generate the blog, but because I am writing almost daily that should not be a problem.

##Hacker News and Lobsters Front Page

I submitted This post to both HN and Lobsters today, and it end up in the front page of both a nice discussion is taking place there. I really think that a website should gracefully degrade if someone turns JavaScript off, my intention is people to read my stuff, no matter the way they want to read it.

Zzing said:

Another way to look at this is that a web browser comes with javascript enabled. So my website will work. Now you turn off javascript, and it breaks - then you complain.

I think he has a good point, and I was not saying you should make websites with no JavaScript, it is just that the basic things on it, like buttons and navigation should work if JavaScript is turned off. This blog uses JS to display webmentions below, but you can still read it with no JS.