I have been thinking about getting rid you Google Analytics on this blog, actually I think I will get rid of any analytics on this blog

I think that may help me write better, as I will be focusing on what I want to write about and not about what people want to read about, instead of looking at Analytics to understand what people is visiting the most, I may just ask on Mastodon what do you enjoy more, if any of you actually read my posts.

As this blog is new, most of the visits come from Hacker News, Mastodon shared links, and from blogs of my fellow bloggers.

With the time, Google might start being the first source of visits (as it is with my older blog), and being that way the most visited pages are not the ones people enjoy the most, the most visited page is actually the one Google wants to be the most visited, as it is the one that Google list in first position in SERPs.

Studying analytics I will be writing for Google and not for people, which will of course be a mistake, I might start writing for people and forget about SEO and Google.

If this is going to be a free writing blog I should not care about Google, and the content should be enjoyable.

My other blog is a niche blog, it is a Linux how-to blog, therefore is not a blog people read because the like to read, it is a blog people read because they need to learn something in that very minute, most of the my visits to that blog will always come from Google, if it is not well ranked it will have almost no visits.

Hey, while writing this page I have realized what I should do. I should turn off analytics on this blog, and forget about SEO and anything on this blog, and I should still be using SEO, and analytics on the other one.

What do you think? do your use analytics on your personal blog?

What do you do whith the data?, how do you use it?