I use Middleman to blog, Middleman is a static site generator, and one thing you cannot do when using a static site generator to blog, is that you cannot blog from anywhere, you need to be at your computer.

Well, maybe everybody know about this, but I have realized that I can create files in my GitHub repository just from GitHub site, so, this way I can post to my blog (text at least) from any computer. I just do not know how to publish this posts, but I am sure I can make my server to pull every one hour from GitHub, and using hooks surely I can manage to post.

This may not be the best way to do it, I will for better options to blog from any place to a static site generator. I am OK about posting just letter, and not pictures, as most of my posts are just that.

Of course I need to take care about not making any mistake, like mismatching the date on the Yaml Front Matter and the one on the filename or Middleman will not run and not publish the post.

I can also just not post, but just create drafts in a different branch, then when at home pull the drafts branch, merge and publish the blog.

This may work only if you are blogging for fun, I blog just for the fun of doing it, just because I like to write and put my thoughts in the Internet.