in reply to: Basil

Thanks to your post about Webmentions I managed to prepare my blog to work with H-Cards and be ready to sent webmentions using Telegraph, and to receive them using, everything seems to be working at this time.

Thanks to all your effort I only took me two or three hours, but I am also stuck, at a different point of the one you were.

I can curl the API of, and receive the mentions, even the mastodon comments, but I can’t format that responce and place it on my site, and the only problem is that I am not a programmer, and I don’t know how to work with JavaScript.

You should be able to get this post as a replay to yours.

I feel sorry that a simple trailing slash had you stucked for almost two days I think, I am an advocate of ending all posts with an .html extension, and only directories with a trailing slash, but it seems everbody likes the WordPress way and not the old times World Wide Web way.

If anyone want to implement webmentions in their static site, I really recommend you to read Basil’s post